Eesha KophikarIf you see Eesha Kophikar zipping past on the pillion seat, with a dude riding the bike, don’t get those naughty ideas. It’s only her fitness trainer giving her a ride to the classes.

No, it’s not a way to save petrol giving the rising fuel price. Just that Eesha’s driver has had a mishap and has to be off his feet for a whole month! Now, since Eesha is totally and diligently into fitness, a month’s absence on her driver’s part sent her into a panic mode since she doesn’t like missing even a day of her fitness class and she had already missed about a week.

But then, where there’s a will there’s a way and Eesha’s solution is hitching a ride with her trainer. Oh, did we mention Eesha loves bikes? Yeah, she does… isn’t that nice? She gets a ride on the bike and doesn’t miss her fitness classes. If you wanna know how serious she is about these sessions, she goes for them at 5.30 am without fail and then gets about other regular work.

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