Agreed that nobody has a monopoly over being creative, however, what do you say to an actor who decides to don the director’s cap as well? There was a time when actors used to strictly listen to their directors’ instructions and act accordingly. Now, they not only try to ‘improvise’ on the lines of the director but also go as far as getting them replaced, just incase they don’t comply with the ‘suggestions’. Depending on the status of the star, the producers give in to their demands, more often than not.

Mallika Sherawat

Tagged as the ultimate sex bomb of Bollywood, Mallika Sherawat is also perhaps the ultimate tyrant a filmmaker could come across. Hardly in news for her acting abilities, she has made a name for herself as the tantrum queen. While her highhandedness and brat-like behaviour is relatively tolerable, what takes the cake is her insistence for perfection of scenes. Apparently, after almost 65% of the film was completed, she got Murli, the director of Fauj Main Mauj replaced. She wasn’t too satisfied with the way it had come out, supposedly.
Again this is not the first time that an actor has replaced a director. Aamir Khan, who was mighty pleased with Amol Gupte’s script of Taare Zameen Par, gave him the offer to direct the film. However, later, owing to some creative differences, took over the director’s baton from Amol and directed it himself. He was recently in the news for a similar incidence as he replaced Robert Nylund with Abhinay Deo to direct Delhi Belly. Creative differences were again cited as the reason.

Akshay Kumar, another actor, who’d love the all-in-one tag, is known for his fetish for editing. Akshay has edited Priyadarshan’s Bhagam Bhaag and Garam Masala in the past. Looks like, the fever of creative freedom and expression will surely take a toll on the hapless filmmakers who can’t live with the stars nor live without them.

Source: ZoomTV

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