Sad Shilpa Shetty!Actress Shilpa Shetty has been going through a rough phase lately.

It was a shock to see a frail looking Shilpa in a wheelchair at the airport when she arrived back home from her recent visit to Dubai. Behind this sorry state of Shilpa were a series of unfortunate events.

Things began going wrong for the actress after she shot a song for Sunny Deol’s The Man in which she was repeatedly drenched in artificial rain. While the song was shot completely, Shilpa ended up with fever and chest congestion.

To make matters worse, Shilpa was bitten by a dog of her friend whom she was visiting in Tirupati. Poor Shilpa, who was already on antibiotics, now had to take extra medicine.

But the misfortunes were far from over.

Shilpa flew to Dubai to celebrate her birthday last Saturday but her luggage got lost in the transit. The same day, before a special party to usher her birthday, Shilpa fell ill again and the party had to be cancelled.

And all the medicine she took had its side effects and led to a burning sensation in her food pipe and stomach.

The actress eventually got so weak that when she came back from Dubai she had to be carried in a wheelchair to her car at the airport.

Shilpa is presently recuperating and is likely to recover soon.

Source: Apunkachoice

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