Katrina Kaif MarriageWe were right all along. Salman and Katrina are a couple and when it comes to marriage, Salman Khan will settle on Katrina Kaif Period.

Salman, when asked in an interview to a channel whether Katrina Kaif is the one for him gave a prompt ‘yes’. The actor also indicated that he might walk the aisle sometime next year.

This is the first time ever that the actor has gone ahead and entertained any personal questions. This revelation is bound to put an end to all the media speculation about the actor’s stormy liaisons with various starlets. Previously, Sallu and Kat refused to publicly comment on the state of their affair. Katrina had even lashed out at the media for getting too nosy on one instance.

The two have come a long way since they first started. The relationship that was touted as a momentary one since Sallu had been more of a mentor to Kat all this while, has been through thick and thin. Kat has weathered Sallu`s reported naggings (physical manhandling, if true!) and yet remained a loyal girlfriend.

Though Salman’s never had that good boy reputation to boast of, it seems that the bad boy has realized that this time round he can’t afford to let go off his lady love. So do we hear some wedding bells ringing already? Nah… not so soon, because with Salman, one never knows!

Source: SpiceZee

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