She’s got the perfect house, a dream bedroom, a couple of exciting projects and a film ready for release, but Rani Mukherji doesn’t have a ‘somebody special’ to share it all with. And no, Aditya Chopra does not qualify “I am yet to find a boyfriend. I will date him first and then get married. It’s still a long way off.”

Aditya and Rani

Reacting to the speculation about her relationship with Aditya Chopra, she says, “I am given so much [news] by the media and my fans that such irrelevant news doesn’t bother me.”

Unlike all her contemporaries who get thinner by the day, Rani looks pleasantly rounded. And completely happy with it. “I gained 3 kg during the shooting of Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. We had four kids on the sets who would be pampered with chips and ice cream. Saif and I couldn’t resist indulging ourselves,” she says candidly Ironically she says, this is what director Kunal Kapoor had initially wanted. “When we started the film, Kunal told me he wanted me to look a little roly-poly. But one day during the shooting, he told me ‘you seem to have taken me too seriously You need to show some control now’,” she giggles.

She rubbishes rumours that Kunal asked to diet down to 45 kg? “What!,” she exclaims, “It has to be in his mind only because it’s impossible for me. I love my food, and it shows on me.” Rani had quietly vanished from the party scene over the past year because she was busy creating her dream home, staying hands on to get the work done. “They can continue with the thak-thak for a year,” she exclaims.

Rani as Angel

And being a star doesn’t speed up the process. “I wanted to shift on a certain date but the house was not ready. Finally I gave them and myself a deadline of one month. Within 30 days, I got the house in place the way I wanted.”

What she also got was a dream bedroom. “I wanted Greece, London, Sydney, Switzerland… a bit of every place in my bedroom. And I have got it.” Now that she has executed her job of supervisor, Rani’s back on the sets playing a cricketer in a Yash Raj production opposite Shahid Kapur. “I have to get into the training to learn the sport. This one will be more difficult than whatever I have donesofar”.

Source: Hindustantimes

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