Actor Shahid Kapur on the sets of his next release Kismet Konnection spills the beans about his upcoming film, Vidya Balan and the girl who can steal his heart.

Shahid and Vidya

What is Kismet Konnection all about?

Basically it’s a romantic comedy, It’s a fun film and a young film.

There have been so many speculation about you and Vidya being in a relationship, whereas you both have always come out and said that you’re just good friends, so how do you handle it all?

I try not to think about it honestly, because I don’t want anything to stop me from living a normal life.

You are considered to be the most eligible bachelor in the industry, how do you handle that tag?

I don’t know what to say, I feel a bit odd when such things are said. But I guess it’s a good feeling, so thank you for that tag, though It keeps passing from one person to another every six months. So I guess I’m happy while it lasts.

Since this is a romantic film, how would you describe your dream girl?

I think I must have been 10-years-old when I stopped thinking on those lines, the concept is mostly in books than in reality. I’d just like to meet somebody who is normal, who I can get along with, who can be herself, honest, loyal, straightforward and who loves me for who I am.

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