Big B’s takkar with the Khans seems to be escalating everyday. First it was the clash with the Baadshah of Bollywood Shahrukh, then Aamir and now it is Salman.

Big B and Salman Khan

Amitabh Bachchan has always been a part of Vipul Shah’s films ever since the director started with Aankhen . So it was of no surprise when Amitabh Bachchan came for the music release function of Vipul Shah’s latest presentation, Singh is Kinng . A very media friendly Bachchan kept the Ford Estate waiting at the doors of the nightclub of a suburban hotel even as he was closeted inside with Shah. To the amazement of all the present media, 30 minutes later Bachchan rushed out of the venue even as Salman Khan made his entry.

Was this a pre-planning on the part of Shah or did Amitabh Bachchan want to avoid meeting Salman at such close quarters? Is there a war brewing up between the two or could it be that Bachchan had just come to pay respects to Vipul Shah and was not part of the publicity campaign?

Incidentally, Salman is a very close friend to Andre Timmins, Director of IIFA, who used to organise birthday bashes for Salman as a kid. Their association is 30 years old and Salman has always been there for Whizcraft. He has been a regular performer at the IIFA, but his absence from the event this year raised several eyebrows. Only conclusion that everybody could come to was the presence of Sallu’s ex-girlfriend Aishwarya as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, daughter in law of the brand ambassador of IIFA, Mr Amitabh Bachchan.

Although, Salman made his excuses saying that it was because of the Yuvraj shoot that he could not have been present at IIFA, we wonder if Subhash Ghai couldn’t give Salman one day off for the IIFA performance!

General Entertainment Channel (GEC) was doing a special series on Mr Bachchan and had requested several stars to voice their comments on working with the legend. When the channel producer called up Salman to confirm his number, he replied in the affirmative. But in the next minute when they requested Salman to quote on Bachchan, this was the reply he texted to them. “This is not Salman Khan’s number. You have got the wrong man.”

Even after getting Salman confirm his number it was of no luck as Salman just refused to say anything. So what could have stained the relationship between the very correct Bachchan and the brat Salman?

For all those who were present for the music release of Babul, it was a very blunt speaking Bachchan who stood up for Salman and waxed loud the actor’s goodness of the heart when he was being lambasted by all and sundry for the black buck case.

Is the cold war due to something that Salman said about the senior actor? Or is it just because of the fact that he is Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter in laws ex lover?

Interestingly, Amitabh and Salman will be shooting their respective films at Filmistan this weekend. It is believed that both the sets are placed facing each other. Now the question is what if these two bump into each other? Would they acknowledge each other or just look away?

Look out this space for all the latest updates on the Khan-Bachchan saga.

Source: Indiatimes

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