The first ever-live stage performance of the much loved onscreen ‘jodi’ Akshay and Katrina that was to end the three day grand IIFA event was undoubtedly the best showstopper to the glitzy affair. However, even though the show stole the hearts of millions, Akki’s cold shoulder to Kat left the lady heartbroken just minutes before the show was to go live.

Katrina Kaif with Akshay Kumar

It all started when Katrina reportedly started getting jitters about her performance and frantically started dialing Akki’s number. Apparently, Katrina who even though rocks on stage, still gets cold feet every time she has to deliver a live performance.

And with her beau Sallu back in Mumbai, the lady thought to rely on her second most close confidante, Akshay Kumar for some emotional tête-à-tête. But Akki was nowhere to be found.

Sources told Spicezee that Katrina was seen outside Akki’s vanity van asking if anyone knew where the actor was. The actress kept on dialing his number but Akki chose to ignore her calls.

And care to guess why? Well, Akshay was surely in a tight spot as he was attending to the whims and fancies of his wife Twinkle.

The actor surely has his priorities cut out straight as he wisely chose to play a good husband and keep company to Twinkle before his much awaited performance. And only went to meet Katrina when his performance was on.

With this done, it’s now sure that Kat’s sexiest woman tag, has absolutely no effect whatsoever on her reel life sweetheart Akshay Kumar. It’s time Katrina sets Sallu and Sallu only on her speed dial list!

Source: ZeeNews

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