When the Bachchans look behind, they find that they had made a lot more foes than friends in the last couple of years and now they are trying their level best to dump their past and make more and more friends and carry only good memories forward. With this aim in view, they put a step forward of liaison. They invited Kareena Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi for a get-together in their room.

Vivek Oberoi and Kareena Kapoor

Abhishek and Kareena almost stopped working together after Abhishek’s breaks up with her sister Karishma Kapoor after engagement. The Kapoors still cannot forget this misfortune. And for Vivek, the case is almost the same. He was deeply disheartened when Ash kicked him out of her life and married Abhishek. Though Vivek tried to normalize the incident by attending Teja Bachchan’s funeral, still Ash’s betrayal pinches him inwardly.

At IIFA when Abhi invited both Kareena and Vivek to the party in their room, they both turned down their friendship call by not attending the informal get-together. Instead, Kareena preferred to just hang around with her friends, Saif, Manish Malhotra, Karan Johar and Shabina Khan. While Vivek in order to escape from media’s awkward questions, hung out with his Mission Istanbul gang in his room.

Source: Bollywood Mantra

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