Salman Khan DemandThe usually generous and big-hearted icon of the masses, Salman Khan has been making news for his high-priced behaviour. Apparently, the hunky muscleman wants to go one up on his equally popular colleague Akshay Kumar in the money-making department. Reports of a silent cold war between the two stalwarts began when the latter’s constant pairing with Salman’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif and its consequent success didn’t go down too well with the Khan.

As is apparent, Sallu was set to become the latest rage on television with his 10 ka Dum, which is to premiere on Sony TV shortly. However, news of Akshay Kumar laughing his way to the bank with a whopping Rs 1.5 crore for each episode of his television debut Fear Factor appears to have dampened Salman’s spirits. Salman’s pay cheque of Rs 89 crore for his reality show doesn’t seem to thrill him anymore and the star recently shocked a film production unit by asking for a staggering Rs 50 crore when he found out they’d signed Akki for 40. Here’s wishing the producers a speedy recovery from the shocks.

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Now, Salman Khan demands Rs 50 crore per movie, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating Advertisement