Mr Bhatti on Chutti Cast: Shakti Kapoor, Pawan Shankar, Emma Kearney, Abid Ali, Anupam Kher; Director: Karan Razdan; Music:

Mr Bhatti on Chutti Preview:
Mr Bhatti wins a trip to the Lake District but he believes that he is invited by the US President George W. Bush for peace talks.

Accompanied by a group of Indian tourists, Mr Bhatti’s attention is caught by the scenic beauty and physical beauty in the form of an English girl Alice.

Prem, a suitable bachelor, is also attracted towards Alice, who is now under the protective shadow of Mr Bhatti. Mr Bhatti tries to keep Alice away from Prem, for reasons best known to him.

On the other hand, Prem plots to win Alice with the help of Shah family’s daughter Priya. With time, Prem realises his real feelings towards Priya, leaving his intention to get Alice. However, things weren’t destined to be so smooth. Alice gets puzzlingly disappeared one day, evoking an investigation.

The prime suspects are of course, Mr Bhatti and Prem. During the scheme of things, the police decide to use Mr Bhatti’s delutional nature to get hold of a terrorist Abu Siddique. And then, comes the series of comical errors where all the plans go haywire, giving Mr Bhatti a chance to show his heroic instincts.

Mr Bhatti on Chutti Movie Trailer:


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