It was three years ago that Rajeev Khandelwal walked out of Ekta Kapoor’s hugely popular Kahiin Toh Hoga and the two have not seen eye-to-eye since. Now, Rajeev is waiting for his debut film Aamir to release and the actor wants to invite Ekta to the premiere. “This is my first film, very important to me, and I want her to be there for the premiere,” says Rajeev. “I was remembering all those people because of whom I’m in Mumbai and Ekta is one of them. I cannot ignore her contribution in my career.”

But Rajeev is quick to add that this is not a patch-up. “It’s not like I’m extending an olive branch,” he says, adding, “In the last three years, I don’t think she must have thought of me unless reminded by the media. Ditto with me. We’re doing good for ourselves and don’t need each other to further our careers, yet I’m bored of answering questions about our so-called feud which doesn’t exist.”

Rajeev Khandelwal Movie Aamir

So does he really expect Ekta to turn up? “She’s quite unpredictable! Though I’m aware she’s busy with her own film which is releasing the same day,” replies Rajeev. When contacted, Ekta said, “I wish him all the best.” Now let’s wait and watch if the Soap Queen makes Rajeev’s day or not!

Source: Zoomtv

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