Hastey HasteyHastey Hastey Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Rajpal Yadav, Mad Uncle, Rajpal Father, Nisha Rawal, Monishka, Jeff Nathan; Director: Tony , Ramanjit Juneja; Music: Anu Malik

Hastey Hastey Preview:
The story of the movie is about Neel (Jimmy Shergill) who is a brilliant student of Columbia University and he has a close friend Sunny (Jimmy Shergill) who flirts with girls. Neel gets married to Maya (Nisha Rawal) whom he loves and the two start their newly married life in New York.

In the meantime Neel gets work to make him shift to India against the wishes of his wife Maya and there he sets up his own business of a call centre in India and he is helped by Tanvi.

Tanvi (Monishka) goes out of way to help Neel to setup his business and Neel gets impressed by the girl. But Tanvi in return wants Neel to accept love her and Neel refuses saying that he is in love with his wife Maya.

Tanvi finds it insulting to be unable get the love of Neel and she plots to trouble him not only professionally but also personally. How Neel gets out of the accusations on him is the story of the movie? Movie says “Haste Haste” you need to tackle life’s problems and listen to your heart when in confusion.

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