Kajol and Ajay in U me aur Hum Cast: Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Divya Dutta, Isha Shervani, Sumeet Raghavan, and Karan Khanna; Director: Ajay Devgan; Rating: ***

Although initially Ajay finds it difficult to convince the girl whom he has just met that they are meant for each other, he gains access to her room on the ship and finds out all of her likes and dislikes. And just as Pia is about to give her nod, Ajay comes clean about his sneaky behaviour which upsets Pia and she decides to end things. However, six months later she finds her way back to Ajay and the two get married.

One day while returning from work Ajay finds Pia standing in the middle of the street completely hysterical as she is unable to find her home or remember his mobile number. Ajay who is a psychiatrist himself understand the symptoms and takes her to see his senior who determines that Pia is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. And just as he is telling Ajay about the precautions and lack of treatment for Pia’s condition, they also discover that she is pregnant – another factor that will worsen her condition.

Ajay and Kajol Happily MarriedHow they have kids, go through the trials in their marriage and come out stronger is what the rest of the film is all about.

In terms of acting Kajol has done a brilliant job bother as a young waitress and as a patient. Her expressions and acting is top notch. Ajay Devgan on the other hand is a tad disappointing. His acting isn’t as consistent as you would expect from someone of his calibre. Divya Dutta, Isha Shravani, mmm, nnnn do a good job in their own roles.

Kajol and Ajay RomanceAs far as Ajay Devgan’s directorial debut is concerned, Ajay has come out on top. He has got the locations, shots and editing to the T. From costumes to dialogue delivery everything is in just the right proportion and conveys the message without sounding like a sermon.

Over all it’s a good attempt by Ajay Devgan – both the actor and the director!

Source: MyNews

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