Neha Dhupia Store openingBollywood and fashion are becoming inseparable these days! Recently, a designer store in Delhi unveiled its new spring collection, and sure enough, a Bollywood star was there to glam it up. This time, it was Neha Dhupia who created a stir at the store. The actress tried out a cute new dress and the designer was thrilled with how it looked on her. “The reason I’m wearing this dress is the designer liked it on me,” says Neha. So, what’s her opinion on blurring lines between Bollywood and the fashion industry? “I think one industry complements the other,” she says. “Bollywood is all about fashion, trends, creativity and, of course, movies! And fashion by itself is about being trendy and selling new trends.

So it’s great the two go hand in hand.” How about a big hand for that answer?

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