Miss India 2008The newly-crowned Miss India 2008 winners, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Simran Kaur and Harshita Saxena visited us at ZoOm, glowing with happiness at their victory. They told us about the final moments of the competition. “When the final five were called out, I was extremely tense,” says Parvathy, “But I think I pulled it off well. Then, when they announced our names, they first called Harshita, then Simran; at that moment, something in me knew the next name would be mine.”

As the beauties gear up for their respective international pageants, they are seeking inspiration from previous Miss India winners, many of whom went on to make their mark in Bollywood. “I think there’s something to learn from all the actresses who’ve won the pageant and glorified India,” says Simran. Harshita has one particular person in mind: “Sushmita Sen is a true representative of Indian beauty. She’s intelligent, mind-blowing and just stands out. As a person as well, she’s got a beautiful heart.” Don’t miss this exclusive interview with the winning trio.

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