Akshay Kumar Delhi IPLNeither skipper Virender Sehwag, nor three other Indian Premier League team mates — Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Asif and Gautam Gambhir — hogged the limelight at a glitzy, Bollywood-flavoured celebration here on Monday in which the Delhi Daredevils unveiled their ‘first fan’ Akshay Kumar.

The marked corporate colour to any IPL event these days is in stark contrast to the BCCI’s own ostrich approach to professionalism, yet another new territory in a league of firsts. How it will all seamlessly merge into a cricket-focused entertainment outlet for millions, though, wasn’t what Akshay Kumar had in mind. For one, his Delhi roots make him an ideal brand ambassador, a role he played to aplomb as he introduced what he termed “my team’’ to the audience.

Delhi Daredevils can now offer Shah Rukh’s Kolkata and Preity Zinta’s Mohali some serious competition in the Bollywood-T20 eyeball stakes, continuing a marriage of convenience which aims to redefine the game’s promotional activities in these parts.

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