Shilpa with Raj KundraWhile Shilpa Shetty declared there was a special someone in her life, lady long legs didn’t bother revealing his name. Speculation over her alleged relationship with London-based businessman Raj Kundra doesn’t help her case either. While it’s common knowledge the two are dating, they’d rather not come clean in public. Now, the buzz is Shilpa and Raj may soon co-produce a film.

Sources say she has even spoken to some Hollywood actors for the project. A women-centric action comedy, the film will incorporate special effects in abundance. Yet-untitled, the project needs two leading ladies. Shilpa will play one, of course, and a search is on for the second. Shilpa is also looking at the work of some young directors and apparently has narrowed it down to Manish Jha of Matrubhoomi fame. Will she be as good a producer as she is an actor? We’ll find out.

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