First, she was the girl next door. Then, the glam girl. Now, Masumeh has a sword in one hand and a pretty pink flower in another. What’s going on, you ask? She’s taken on her latest avatar — that of a soft-core, hard-hitting action girl! “It’s a combination of a tough person and a soft one, like the many forms of a woman. I would love to do action,” she continues, “I would love to be like Lara Croft. I’ve been doing martial arts for many years now. I also do belly dancing. In fact, the sword (in the photo shoot) is my belly dancing sword. It actually isn’t sharp at all.”

Masumeh Makhija

The actress is currently shooting for Sanjay Gupta’s Alibaug. But she isn’t ready to divulge details yet. “It’s too early to talk about it,” she says. “Shooting will go on till the end of May.

After that, you can ask me whatever you want and I will tell you.” In the meantime, you can check out her new action avatar in this hot photo shoot.

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