Could anyone want to avoid the gorgeous Katrina Kaif? Saif Ali Khan has some reasons up his sleeve. At least that’s what it seems like from the latest song off the film Race. While Kats is busy seducing Saif, all he can manage is a blank look. Speaking about the song, Katrina says, “The character is expressing her feelings for Saif, and throwing herself on him. Saif, however, is too indifferent to react.” She adds, “After a point, I felt really awkward and asked him if he could at least give me a smile now and then.” The high-on-action film has few stunts for its female leads. Ask Katrina if that’s disappointing and she smiles, “While I do like action, speed and fast cars, jumping off places is where I draw the line. I’m glad I don’t have to do any daredevil stunts in the film”.

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