Kangana RanautCan you picture the delicate, waif-like Kangana Ranaut assaulting a man? The vision is quite unlike her composed demeanour. But, looks like the actress’ temper often gets the better of her. Her driver Rajesh recently alleged assault at the hands of Kangana and her sister Rangoli. Apparently, the sisters wanted to go to the sets of Fashion. However, Rajesh wasn’t sure of the place and asked for directions. The irritated duo started hurling abuse at him and even physically assaulted him as he drove. Of course, Kangana wasn’t satisfied. She also called him to her vanity van and slapped him, upon which he handed over the car keys and walked out.

That’s when Rangoli called and threatened to get him arrested. Someone should tell Kangana that getting embroiled in one sticky situation after another was never in fashion.

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