Gauhar KhanShe’s great shakes in the modelling world. Now, Gauhar Khan has her sights set on Bollywood. But is she willing to, well, ‘compromise’ to make it big? “If I was ready to compromise and do the things you are hinting at, I would have made it big in films ages ago,” smiles the model. “If you’ve made a name for yourself in the fashion scene, you actually don’t even get such ‘offers’. By the grace of God, I’ve never been given such hints.”

So, is it ‘buh-bye modelling, hello Bollywood’ for Gauhar? “As a fashion model, you cannot give time to both films and fashion,” she says. That’s that, but while on the topic of fashion, any thoughts on the infamous wardrobe malfunctions? “Any publicity is good publicity,” comes her pat reply, “There are so many girls in the fashion scene. How many of them do you know by name? If you recognize them, for whatever reason, it’s a good thing!” Gauhar’s sister Negar Khan is a TV star, but the model doesn’t want to follow in her footsteps. “I am more passionate about films,” she says. “I’m totally filmi at heart — right from when I was born!”

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