Aamir Khan Bald new lookWhile the success of Taare Zameen Par wasn’t a revelation for true-blue Aamir Khan fans, it has surely raised their expectations. Apparently, Aamir is going to take on a new look for his forthcoming Ghajini — the remake of a Tamil film. He will shave his hair, for which he has apparently charged Rs 2 crore. At a promotional event, when asked to justify the sum, he laughed, “I work according to the requirement of the script. If this story requires me to go bald, I will without charging an additional fee.” So, is he going to sport six-pack abs like Shah Rukh Khan or an eight-pack like Sanjay Dutt? “It’s not the abs that are important. For me, to have a good physique you need to have an overall toned body.” The candid Aamir also rubbished rumours of his buying an Indian Cricket League. “As much as I’m interested in cricket,” he said, “I am not interested in buying a cricket team.”

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