Sohail Khan recently had a great time with kids at a carnival. Not only did he play and clown around with them, his wallet became quite light by the end of it as he generously indulged the kids with all the treats and games they desired.

However, Sohail wasn’t the only celeb to attend this fun, colourful festival; the glam quotient was cranked up even further with the presence of several hot models and socialites. Sohail’s wife, Seema Khan, showcased her fashion collection here, which is why Sohail was being the supportive husband and taking care of the kids.

Most of the women celebs were rather busy at the carnival. The designers presented their gorgeous collections, while models walked the ramp. But with so many attractive goods on sale, they couldn’t help but be distracted at times. After all, there was fashion, food and shopping all at one place… what more could one ask for?

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