Sameera Reddy has no qualms about playing unglamorous roles. According to her, such roles reveal an actor’s true talent. Off screen, however, she is an outright glam fan! The actress recently did a hot ‘n’ glamorous photo shoot to make exclusive pictures available to fans — via their cell phones!

“Fans want good pictures of us (celebs), but only get old ones,” Sameera explains, “Today, things like the Internet and mobile phones bring you closer to your audience. I think it’s important to have that connection.” So, what does Sameera think of her glamorous, sexy image? “Everybody loves glamour,” she says, “I just feel that when you are out in public, people want to see you in the look they’re used to. The glam look is what people know me by, and why not? The simple look can be for films!”

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