The latest stars to share cold vibes are Preity Zinta and Shiney Ahuja. Apparently, all is not well between them on the sets of Jhanu Barua’s Har Pal. Apparently, the actress is having a tough time dealing with Shiney. According to sources, Preity is quite fed up with his antics. When they began filming, the two were cordial. Now, things have taken a hostile turn. One of the issues is Shiney ends up giving a lot of retakes while Preity usually gives her best in the first shot. Also, the actress is very punctual, while Shiney not only arrives late but also takes time to learn his lines. With a diametrically opposite working style, hiccups were bound to happen. But things have become so ugly now that, after each shot, Preity goes back to her make-up van instead of being on the sets with the rest of the team. Let’s hope the lack of chemistry doesn’t show on screen.

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