Okay, we weren’t invited to the wedding, and we gatecrashed the party, but so what, the bridegroom spoke exclusively to us in between the pheras and the popping of champagne. “We are absolutely thrilled and feel so blessed,” revealed an ecstatic Sanjay Dutt taking speaking also for his new better half, the shy and beautiful Manyata. “Marriage is a commitment for life, and this is my way of showing Manyata that I’m committed to her.” He revealed he was extremely thankful to have met her in the first place. “Manyata is an incredible woman. She knew that there would be difficult times ahead, but she was ready to come on board for the journey. We just wanted to be together. I have no doubt in my mind, in my heart, that she will make me an excellent wife,” Sanjay added in a handsome tribute to the woman he made his life partner hours earlier.

But there was more, the emotions continued to overflow, and Sanjay added, “It had to happen, didn’t it? The extension of love is always marriage. I’d said earlier and will say it again, every man at the end of the day, wants to come back home to somebody, and today I am glad to have found that somebody.” But was everybody happy that he had got married? What about sisters Priya and Namrata, why didn’t they share this special occasion with him? Sanjay said, unmindful of the fact that both girls had already given bytes to the news channels, explaining their absence at Munnabhai’s party, “Of course, they were there, but the press didn’t know.”

And what about daughter Trishala? Did he speak to her about getting married? “Yeah, all is fine. Don’t worry,” he replied in another attempt at putting on a brave front. The talk comes up about a honeymoon. “Where is the time? I am shooting back-to-back for sometime. We will try and spend as much time as we can together. For the moment, that will be our honeymoon. What to do? Let’s see later,” said the excited new bridegroom. And what about the rumours that Manyata is pregnant? Sanjay Dutt laughed heartily, “I too read that. It’s funny when you read stories that aren’t true. I kind of laugh and think, ‘Well they got it wrong’. What can I say? I have been very vocal about my relationship first and now marriage. So if that good news comes by, we will share it with everyone. Till then, all speculation can rest. Just bless us. We need everybody’s blessings.”

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