Director Dharmesh Darshan has dipped into the production pool. His first film as a producer is titled Bhavra. Interestingly, rather than featuring big Bollywood stars, the cast consists entirely of popular TV actors, including Sangeeta Ghosh, Shweta Salve, Manav Gohil and Ejaz Khan. “It’s a dream come true for any actor,” says Ejaz Khan, “because we’re working with a filmmaker who has a history of hits. The way he handles the scenes, the way we’re being taught and tutored, is amazing.”

Dharmesh Darshan says, “I wanted to make a romantic film for my first production. I’m known for that. I won’t say it’s different, because that’s a dangerous word these days! But it is unusual, right from the casting to the making.” Get more insights from the TV stars here.

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