Akshay Kumar is back in action, and how. The khiladi has just shot one of his most dangerous action sequences ever for his forthcoming film, Vipul Shah’s Singh is Kinng. The stunt required Akshay to jump from one moving elevator to another at a height of 110 feet. And not only did Akshay refuse to use a body double for this risky stunt, he did it himself without any safety harness. But, he admitted, he did get scared. “I’m even scared of flying and always pray before take-off and landing,” he said. This coming from a guy who’s known to jump onto running planes and has even stood atop one in midair, before leaping onto a hot air balloon at 1,110 feet. “That was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. These are the kind of stunts that can go horribly wrong. In fact, I’d take my hat off to any actor who tops that one,” he said.

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