Yana GuptaYana has become more synonymous as an item girl than an actor. How do you see it?

As a compliment, of course. I’m passionate about doing the same on stage.

Any full-fledged roles?

Sometimes, I wonder when I will do the same too. I have had a couple of offers, but I have refused them. Currently, I am busy with my music album. I have composed, written and even sung for this English album.

I’ve taken a music course besides having taken singing lessons when I was 10-12 years old. I’ve always been a relatively good singer and have a band called Yana.

Are you confident about how the audience will receive you as a singer?

Maybe five years back, I wouldn’t have had the confidence. But now I do. And as long as I am happy doing what I do, I don’t care about the reactions. I believe someone in the audience will like my kind of music.

You have also taken up the pen. We hear that you plan to write a book…

Yes, I have just completed penning a book on fitness. It’s on its way to the editing table now. I’m a fitness freak and people kept asking me about my fitness mantra. I got so tired of it that I thought of putting in the secret to good health in a book. This book is directed towards weight loss as I myself was trying to lose those extra pounds I gained after I came to India and started feasting here.

You recently did another item number this time for a Bengali film…

I’ve done an item number in the Bengali flick titled, Nobboi Ghonta. It is the remix of a popular Bengali number. The entire experience was exciting. In fact, I was shooting for the same in Mumbai just two months back.

How difficult was it?

Initially, yes. But I asked for an English translation of the song and had it written in Roman before I memorised it. It was easier than Tamil. I keep on repeating my lines before facing the camera so that I get my expressions right.

On the personal front, it seems that you’ve never believed in keeping your relationships in the closet…

(Laughs) It depends on how comfortable I’m with the person who is interviewing me. I’m a private person and try to protect my partner.

Rumour mills are abuzz with the news of you seeing Kelly Dorji…

Sorry to disappoint you, but that is not the case. Kelly and I went for coffee three weeks back and that is how the news spread. Back then, I didn’t even know that Lara and Kelly were no longer together. I’m not seeing anyone now.

There are times when I like to be left alone and pack my bags for some destination. Currently, I am in no mood to settle down.

Source: TimesofIndia

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