Back with a whole new look, Vivek Oberoi will soon appear in a music video directed by cousin Anand Oberoi. Interestingly, a new drink will be launched along with the video —an unexpected move by the usually endorsement-shy Oberoi. The ad for the drink will subsequently feature the same song.

Speaking about his new long-haired look, Vivek says, “It’s for my next film, Mission Istanbul, where I play a Turkish commando.” Vivek will star alongside Suniel Shetty, and much of the film has been shot on location in Istanbul. The actor doesn’t have many other projects in the pipeline. “When I was shooting Omkara,” he says, I decided I would only do one film at a time. Call it being selective or lazy! But I like to work on my scripts; I like to work on the characters, so I take my time and work leisurely on each film.”

Vivek seems to be a unique actor in other ways, too. While most actors don’t hesitate to jump onto the endorsement bandwagon, he selects his products carefully. “I have quite a few personal beliefs and principals, due to which I don’t endorse many products,” he says. Apparently, he has now signed a 3-year contract for the new cold drink. Catch Vivek behind the scenes of the music video, as he shows us his dancing moves and talks about his new ventures.

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