Deepika PadukoneThere was more than one reason for Imtiaz Ali to pick Kareena Kapoor for his next film. But the director showed no favoritism.

Everyone had anticipated that Imtiaz would choose Kareena for the role because, firstly, Saif Ali Khan , who is producing the film, would want to be paired with girlfriend Kareena. Secondly, Imtiaz would want to repeat the magic of Jab We Met in his next film as well.

But Imtiaz has thrown a surprise by deciding to cast Deepika Padukone opposite Saif in the film.

Imtiaz says the reason why he chose Deepika over Kareena is because Deepika suits the role better.

His decision may have disappointed both Saif and Kareena, but Imtiaz insists he has done it for the betterment of the film. He adds that he cannot cast Kareena in a role that is not suited to her.

The yet-untitled film will be the first one from Saif’s home production. Its shooting is likely to begin in May 2008.

Source: Apunkachoice

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