HimeshMany actresses refuse to do love-making scenes or on-screen kisses with their co-stars. Even Shahrukh Khan has refused to do an on-screen kiss, and now it seems another budding star Himesh Reshammiya has refused to a lovemaking scene for Pooja Bhatt’s next film Kajra Re. The scene has now been dropped from the film as Himesh is adamant that he won’t do it.

Himesh Reshammiya will play the main lead role in Pooja Bhatt’s next venture Kajra Re. The film is based on a real life story and the script has been penned by Mahesh Bhatt and Shagufta Rafique. In the film Himesh plays the role of a lawyer set in pre-independent times who falls in love with a girl in Morocco. However soon after that, the girl simply disappears. He then tracks her down to a famous red light area in Pakistan. After he finds the girl, he takes her out for a day and they end up in a hotel room where the lovemaking scene was supposed to take place. However a source claims “When Himesh came to know that he had to make love to the heroine in Pooja’s film, he flatly refused.” Scriptwriters Mahesh Bhatt and Shagufta tried to rationalise and justify having the scene in the film, but Himesh failed to understand and insisted on the scene being removed. After much discussion, the makers finally decided to give in and remove the lovemaking scene from the film.

Himesh did not say if he was uncomfortable doing the lovemaking scene or whether he felt it was not required in the film, but he merely refused to do it. However Mahesh Bhatt agreed with Himesh’s logic that removing the lovemaking scene would enable them to strike a chord with the masses, hence he agreed to remove the scene. In Kajra Re, Himesh will also be seen without his trademark cap as his hair fall problem is solved due to the hair transplant procedure that he has undergone. The film will be shot in different foreign locations like Morocco, Europe and Pakistan. The shooting for the film will begin in January 2008.

Himesh Reshammiya meanwhile has not been nominated for the star Screen Awards in the Best Debut category, neither has his film Aap Ka Suroor been nominated in any category nor has the music been nominated for any awards. There are many in the industry who are questioning the nomination procedure of the Star Screen Awards. But Reshammiya perhaps does not want to get embroiled in any controversy and says ““I don’t wish to comment on anything, I am doing some very exciting new projects and don’t wish to be bitter about anything”.

Source: Bollywood Mantra

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