Govinda is the latest star to join the slap-happy gang of Bollywood actors. Going by the track record, it seems many of our stars have no qualms about raising their hands on troublemakers.

Once, when the press was hounding Salman Khan about his imminent court case, he lost his temper, causing much havoc. Apparently, one of the photographers got physical with Salman, due to which the actor turned around and slapped him.

Then there was Saif Ali Khan, who visited Gay Rights Activist and journalist Ashok Rao Kavi’s house – not as a social visit, but to confront him. Firstly, Ashok had written some negative articles about Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore. To add to that, the journalist had referred to Saif and Akshay Kumar’s onscreen chemistry in Main Khiladi Tu Anadi as a gay vibe. Who knows what the furious Chote Nawab would have done, had Ashok not been saved in time!

Another actor who unleashed his wrath upon a journalist is Anupam Kher, who hit the journalist on the sets of a film. The situation got so out of hand that the film industry and press actually considered banning each other. Also in this group is the He-Man of his generation, Dharmendra, who tried slapping a journalist; luckily, she escaped!

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