After her admirable performance in the multi-starrer Salaam-E-Ishq, Anjana Sukhani received quite a few film offers. First up, she will be seen with Ayesha Takia and Ajay Devgan in Sunday. However, as with most multi-starrers, hurt feelings about footage were bound to arise. “I knew it was Ayesha’s film,” says Anjana, “So it didn’t come as a shock. But yes, I am a little hurt about it. It would have been nice if they had shown a little more footage (of me).”

While star kids are usually given preference in Bollywood, Anjana has learnt how to find her way without a filmi background or godfather. “It’s not like the door is closed for outsiders,” says the actress, “Shah Rukh Khan comes from a completely zero (Bollywood) background, and is the topmost star. If you are a good actor, have good screen presence and do your job well, audiences will accept you.”

Watch Anjana talk about her upcoming solo films and intentions of breaking out of the comedy mould.

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