Reports are that Amisha Patel and Vikram Bhatt have parted ways. According to sources, Amisha’s growing proximity with a London based businessman led to the split. Their seven year long, much hyped affair gave way to the rumours that she’s dating Kanav Purie.

Apparently, Amisha has even left Vikram’s place and is currently living at a friend’s house. Amisha and Kanav were quite often spotted together. Initially when Vikram and Amisha were asked about this, the two rubbished the supposed allegations by saying that they were just rumours made by people who wanted to create a rift between the two lovers. They never spoke of marriages according to them they did not need to marry to prove their love.

While Vikram is said to have given more importance to Amisha’s career, she claims that he is the reason for her career heading nowhere. Reports are that she has now bagged a Yash Raj film with Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee in the lead. Reports also say that she is quite serious about her new relationship as well as her career. Well, let’s wait and watch how long it will last, the upswing of her career as well as her new found romance.

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