Rajinikanth in RobotAishwarya Rai has reportedly signed the prestigious Shankar film with Rajinikanth, tentatively called Robot.

Our sources insist, the deal was officially signed yesterday afternoon, around 3.30 pm. “The contract was sent to Janak (the Bachchan bungalow in suburban Mumbai) for the Bachchans’ approval, and it was duly signed,” says our source. But that’s not all. Aishwarya Rai is allegedly charging a whopping
Rs 1.5 cr for the film, which was initially meant to be a SRK and Deepika Padukone starrer. The amount, needless to say, will be some sort of a landmark, considering no Rajini heroine has ever commanded such an astronomical fee so far. Shriya Saran was allegedly paid Rs 30 lakh for Sivaji.

Meanwhile, there seems to be some controversy around the title of this film.

Well, we all know the deal with tax exemption on movies with Tamil titles. So if you were wondering if Shankar was going to stick with Robot and incur the extra expense, you were wrong. The director has announced that Robot will soon be given a different name – a Tamil name at that. Since the movie is budgeted at Rs 120 crores, it makes absolute sense to cut these extra costs.

Shankar has also mentioned that this movie of his, being a sci-fi adventure, will depend largely on the visual effects, which may require a lot of time. But for Rajini fans, time won’t be an issue because Kuselan will be out later this year to keep them well entertained.

Shooting for Kuselan will start in February and the movie will hit screens post-June. Shooting for Robot will commence in July and the movie will hit the theatres, Well, let’s wait and watch.


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