Recently at a party, the petite Kangana Ranaut got all excited when she saw Aamir Khan around. She walked up to him and introduced herself. She went on to tell Aamir what big a fan she is of the star. All to get snubbed!

Apparently, Aamir’s response to Kangana was a rude ‘Okay’. Well, according to sources Aamir has his reasons for being so cold. It’s said that Aamir had approached Kangana for a role in the remake of Ghajini and had asked her to keep mum about it before other matters related to the film gets finalized. However, Kangana couldn’t contain her excitement and went around claiming that she had already signed the project. That was enough of a reason for Kangana to not get the project. Now, going by his conduct towards Kangana, seems like Aamir is in no mood to forgive her.

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