Begum Nawazish AliPakistan’s famous cross-dressing TV host Begum Nawazish Ali has offered to look for a suitable Pakistani bride for Bollywood actor John Abraham , who has reportedly split with long-time girlfriend and actress Bipasha Basu .

“Why did John and Bipasha split is Begum the culprit?” ran the previews on Aaj TV, which airs the “Late Night Begum Nawazish Ali Show” every Saturday.

Begum Nawazish aka Ali Saleem flew to Mumbai to meet John whose Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is the first film to be simultaneously released in India and Pakistan — has been a smash hit across the border.

There was no escape for John from the Begum’s flirtatious ways in the hour-long show.

Dressed in a heavily embellished mauve sari, the Begum kept referring to Bipasha as John’s ‘physiotherapist’, but the actor smiled through it all very sportingly.

When John who was asked about his plans to marry, said ‘not anytime soon’ the Begum offered to look for a suitable Pakistani girl.

Bipasha and John Sizzling in JismShe also jokingly offered to speak to John’s mother about herself. “Woh (Bipasha) toh abhi bachchi hai (Bipasha is a kid),” she guffawed.

“Physiotherapist to hamari baatein nahin sun rahi” (I hope the physiotherapist is not eavesdropping).

Speaking about ‘Goal’, John, who was christened Farhan by his mother who is of Iranian descent, said the film is about “unity”. The movie is based on the exploits of expatriates from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan who come together to form a football team in London.

“People are tired of fighting, of wars. This is a film, which unites Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis. It shows the confluence of cultures.

“When we were shooting in Southall (in London) we actually got abused. So whatever is shown in the film about racism is actually true.”

Though he has never been to Pakistan, John said he plans to be there soon to promote the film. “It was a last minute decision to release the film in Pakistan. So I could not plan a trip there,” he disclosed.

The brawny actor, who has many Pakistani friends including Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood of the band Strings, said, “Indian and Pakistani people do not have a problem with each other. The problem is politics just like the politics in Bollywood which I do not understand.”

Prodded by the Begum, John said he did not believe in the many Bollywood camps. “Directors have favourite actors. But no camps for me. I have refused big banners who told me they would blot me out.”

When he was told of the many fans he had in Pakistan, John, who was last week voted the third sexiest Asian, said, “I don’t like the word fans. I prefer to say audience, brothers. They respect my work, so I should also treat them with respect.

“Till 2003, I had no money. I lived a very middle- class life. I have the money now. But in my head I am still very middle-class,” John said.

Source: Apunkachoice

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