Shahid KapurKareena’s absence from Shahid’s life has given a new hope to some of her female fans. We hear that one such smitten girl is haunting Shahid big time thses days.

She found out his personal cell number from somewhere and she has been relentlessly calling the actor and expressing her unconditional love for him.

Needless to say, Shahid was initially flattered to see the ferocity of her love for him. But when her calls kept coming and coming, the actor became cautious and stopped replying.

But the girl was not to be daunted. She began calling him from other numbers. And she even started calling Shahid’s friends who were absolutely flummoxed how she managed to get their numbers.

Sources say the girl knows a great deal about Shahid and is aware of some of his very personal secrets.

But then, this too is nothing compared to what she did last week.

According to reports, the girl went to meet Shahid at his house at night. She quietly sneaked into the building and even managed to reach his apartment. However, she was spotted in time and told to leave. Shahid reportedly wasn’t home at that time.

The incident has alarmed Shahid and he has told all his friends to ignore her calls. However, he is not in favour of filing a police complaint against her.

Source: Santabanta

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