With his latest film Om Shanti Om becoming a hit at the box-office, it is celebration time for Shah Rukh Khan .

Om Shanti OmDespite the many bouquets and few brickbats that both SRK and Farah Khan have received for OSO, the fact remains that the film’s distributors are laughing all the way to the bank.

Responding to the OSO hysteria among movie buffs, the film’s team is now coming up with a book called The Making Of Om Shanti Om which will be launched today.

The book is written by Mushtaq Sheikh, who has previously written four books on Shah Rukh Khan.

Mushtaq, also the co-writer of OSO, hit the idea of writing this book when he began working on OSO. The book contains notes, interviews of people, and interesting anecdotes of incidents that happened during the making of the film.

After the book launch tonight, there will also be a lavish party to celebrate the success of OSO.

The film’s crew has been invited to the party.

A little birdie tells us that an invite has also been sent to the Saawariya team.

Rubbing salt to their wounds, SRK…huh?

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