Kareena and Saif at Saawariya PremiereWhat the other senior and anxious Kapoor scions couldn’t do, the two Kapoor cousins Kareena and Ranbir have done. The two have broken the ice between the two Kapoor clans.

Earlier, Babita and her two daughters were on one end and the rest of the Kapoors on other but Bebo made an attempt to end it and was seen at the premiere of her cousin Ranbir’s debut film Saawariya.

Earlier, such was the intensity of the animosity between them that the two Kapoor Bahus, Babita and Neetu Singh barely exchanged words in even public places.

The scenario changed considerably lately with Kareena openly making appreciative statements about her cousin’s debut, going as far as to say Ranbir looked “stunning” in the promos.

Ranbir reciprocated by seeing his “Bebo Didi’s” much talked-about new film Jab We Met. Ranbir was wowed by Kareena’s performance and made no bones about it.

The latest move on Kareena’s part has further softened the two sides.

At the Saawariya premiere last week, Kareena insisted on sitting in the same row with the entire Kapoor clan who were huddled together in family solidarity for the star of the evening.

“We had offered to put Kareena and Saif in a different enclave from the rest of the Kapoors who were there in full force to support Ranbir. But Kareena insisted on sitting with the rest of the Kapoors to show support for her cousin,” said an organizer.

While Ranbir chose to remain outside the theatre, throughout the screening Kareena and Saif were seen moving across the ‘family row’ talking amiably to one or the other member of the large RK clan.

“I loved Saawariya . It’s awesome. And Ranbir is soooooo good. We Kapoors are here to rock together,” said Kareena.

Source: Indiafm

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