Aamir Khan with fatherAamir Khan’s family saga spilled over to public domain on Friday after his home reacted with ‘shock, disgust and contempt’ to what they called ‘absurd allegations’ hurled at the Bollywood superstar by his father Tahir Husain and brother Faisal Khan.

“As a family, we have always believed in maintaining our silence and dignity, choosing not to react to the many absurd allegations that are frequently hurled at our loved one, Aamir. But this time we feel the need to express our utter shock, disgust and contempt at the public statements of Tahir Husain and Faisal Khan,” the family said in an official statement.

The statement trashed the ‘offensive allegations’ as ‘malicious lies’ and said that the ‘pathetic behaviour’ of Tahir and Faisal is ‘truly shameful’.

“It is deeply distressing and saddening to see the depths to which Aamir’s father and brother have sunk with the express intention of causing Aamir hurt,” it said.

Aamir v/s FaisalThe statement claimed that Aamir has supported both his father and brother in every way possible for the last 15 years and has bailed them out of their various crises on numerous occasions.

“Given thess facts, their behaviour is all the more appalling. Unfortunately, Aamir’s goodness has only earned him their envy and hatred,” the statement reads.

The Aamir-vs-Faisal saga began after younger sibling Faisal went missing from their Pali Hill home for about five days and then showed up at the Bandra court on October 15 to accuse his star brother of applying force and insisting that he undergo psychiatric treatment.


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