Shahid KapoorActor Shahid Kapur is apparently handling his break-up from Kareena Kapoor in a very sensible way.

While Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan continue to enjoy their newfound affection (they were recently spotted getting cozy in a Delhi bar), Shahid Kapur has discreetly stepped into the shadows and is keeping a low profile.

Shahid hasn’t made any statement nor behaved in a way that betrays his anger or resentment toward Kareena.

Says a source: “Any man with a heart in his breast would feel dejected and depressed after a break-up. And it seems true with Shahid, too. But he is not showing his feelings. Rather, he seems to have accepted the reality of the situation.”

True, Shahid has shown commendable composure while being on the rebound. Even when he recently shot a couple of patchwork scenes for Jab We Met with Kareena, the actor was cordial toward her and maintained his self-respect and dignity. He had no argument with her. No dirty linen was dragged out in the open for the public to see.

And now the actor is sinking himself in work to get over this phase.

Shahid reportedly meets Imtiaz Ali (the director of ‘Jab We Met’) regularly and the duo have been planning out an elaborate strategy to promote the film.

In fact, Shahid has told Imtiaz that he is at his disposal to help in the promotion of the film in any which way until its release on October 26.

Kareena, on the other hand, has apparently nothing else except Saif on her mind nowadays. So the onus of promoting ‘Jab We Met’ falls on Shahid’s shoulders in a big way. And the actor is not shying away from the responsibility.

Source: Apunkachoice

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