Ranbir KapoorNewcomer Ranbir Kapoor is already getting a taste of the fame that awaits him.

A little more than three weeks still remain for Ranbir’s first film Saawariya to hit the theatres and the newcomer from the Kapoor clan has already become very popular with youngsters, particularly girls and gays.

The gay community in Mumbai has already labeled Ranbir as their new icon. On the other hand, girls can’t stop drooling over Ranbir wherever he goes to promote ‘Saawariya’.

When Ranbir went to Indore for the film’s promotion, he faced the frenzy of his female fans. Girls blew flying kisses to him and cast him suggestive glances. A few daring ones even broke off the cordon and kissed Ranbir on his cheek.

And last week in Hyderabad, the scene wasn’t much different. In fact, an interesting incident is being reported in the media.

It happened that Ranbir was headed from his hotel in Hyderabad to a PVR complex in his car when a female fan spotted him and brought the traffic to a halt.

Ranbir was in his vehicles, waiting at a red light for the signal to change when a car pulled over beside his. The female in the next car saw Ranbir and she went gaga with disbelief. She stepped out of her vehicle and came over to Ranbir’s car and asked him for an autograph.

However, the signal changed by then. Ranbir politely told her to return to her car, but she did not budge until he had given her his autograph. This caused traffic jam within seconds, reports say.

Sources close to Ranbir say the newcomer is still learning how to handle the adulation of fans.

Source: Apunkachoice

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