Rachna MauryaHot item gal Rachna Maurya seems intent to redefine the word ‘skin-show’.

She is the same girl who popped many eyes with her raunchy acts in songs like Deedar De (from Dus ) and music videos of Himesh Reshammiya and Rahul Sharma.

Now, Rachna Maurya has gone an extra mile and exposed much more in her latest video Desi Soda Whisky. Rachna says her hot act in the video wasn’t planned but it happened as a result of a wardrobe malfunction.

Rachna told a newspaper that during the rehearsals of the video her tiny top tore apart. And since the shooting was being held in a remote location, there was no tailor, nor was there an immediate costume replacement for the top.

Rachna says the shooting could not be postponed because much money was at stake. So, she took the decision and decided to shoot the video in her bra only.

The director was all praise for Rachna’s professionalism and shot the video without making Rachna look vulgar. However, Rachna says she is her raunchy best in the video.

Speaking about Bollywood, Rachna says she is very willing to scorch the silver screen in more item numbers.

Are Bollywood filmmakers listening?

Source: Apunkachoice

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