Sahil ShroffRumours of Amrita Arora’s problems with Usman Afzal may have some truth to it, after all. The reason is model Sahil Shroff
Best friends Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora are leading similar lives, it seems.

While Bebo’s fondness for Saif Ali Khan and subsequent break-up with long-time boyfriend Shahid Kapur is nothing short of public now,

Amu’s friendship with model Sahil Shroff seems to be the reason for rumours of her alleged break-up with English county cricketer Usman Afzal.

Of course, all concerned deny the rumours.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with spending time in the company of ‘good friends’, is there?

Amrita Arora with UsmanFor nearly two months now, rumours have been rife about problems in Amrita and Usman’s paradise.

And while she’s been busy with film assignments and he’s been busy with cricket, it seems distance has put a strain on their once-strong relationship.

However, the couple has consistently denied problems and a parting of ways.

The buzz is that actor Prashant Sachdev (Jai from Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag), a good friend of Sahil’s, introduced him to Amrita.

A close friend of his spills the beans, saying, “They met a few months ago through a common friend, but exchanged numbers after Prashant formally introduced them.

Since then, Amrita and Sahil have been in touch over the phone and even hang out together with a group of friends. Recently, they went out for dinner with Malaika and Arbaaz to Olive (Bandra).”

Sahil has been on the modelling circuit for a while now, and we hear Amu’s been discussing his good looks with several friends from the fashion circuit. “What’s more, they also discuss movies, and she loves his taste in cinema. They’ve even been renting movies together,” says the friend.

“However, someone informed Usman about Amu’s friendship with Sahil, so that’s why he made a surprise visit to Mumbai recently (‘Usman shocks Amrita!’, September 24).

He didn’t inform Amu, hoping to catch her in the act. Fortunately, Amu was lunching with her parents when Usman dropped by at Royal China.”

When contacted, Sahil gets defensive. “Why spice up people’s lives unnecessarily? I am part of Amrita’s family and good friends with Arbaaz, so naturally we go out for dinner together.

Amu and I are very close friends and share lots of common interests. I’ve known Amu since I was 16, as we studied together at Jai Hind College (Churchgate). I wouldn’t like to comment beyond this,” he says.

Is he single then? “Yes, I’m single at the moment.” Does he know Usman? “No comment.”

Meanwhile, Amrita says, “I don’t know where this is coming from. I’m very much with Usman. Just because I attended one party with Sahil doesn’t mean I’m dating him!”

Usman says, “It’s bullshit!”

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