He’s just had smash hit with Chak De India and now the Badshah of Bollywood will be returning in a couple of weeks time and this time with a home production.

NDTV has an exclusive look at Farah and Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om.

Om Shanti Om, Farah Khan’s second film as director after the superhit Main Hoon Na is a tribute to Farah’s favourite decade, The 70′s.

It’s a love story between Shah Rukh Khan, who plays a struggling actor and a former model Deepika Padukone. But it’s not a run of the mill story.

“It’s a strange love story in the sense that it’s not a conventional love story not boy meets girl and the girl loves the boy without giving away too much. It’s very unusual I would say it’s half a love story and then it goes to another space,” said Farah Khan, Director.

After playing a hockey coach to 18 girls in the blockbuster Chake De Shahrukh is back at playing the quintessential lover boy.

“He is not at all what he was in Chak De. He is big and flamboyant, fun and entertaining and over the top and he is singing songs. He has also done a bare chested number in the film for the first time like Half Monty and big songs. If people think they are going to see Shahrukh of Chak De that puts a lot of pressure on me! It’s a complete different Shahrukh,” said Farah.

“We have lot of love in the film it is an unrequited kind of love story. So, there are nice love moments in this film but just touched upon because the story is between people of different status. So there is this bechargi for the hero and the heroine is vivacious and besutiful. They are mismatched and there is purity in their relationship. I hope that comes through because that is the essence,” said Shah Rukh.

Whether SRK’S lover boy charms still persist and will once again break box office records is something that will become clear on September 9 when Om shanti Om hits the theatres.

Source: NDTV

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