No Smoking Movie Video Trailer:


Cast: John Abraham, Ayesha Takia, Joy Fernandes, Paresh Rawal; Director: Anurag Kashyap

John Abraham is so addicted to smoking that is has become impossible for him to live without it. However, he gets a rude jolt when fed up with her husband’s craving for ciggies, his wife Ayesha Takia walks out on him never to return unless he quits smoking.

It is then he decides to do something about his obsession. He goes to meet Baba Bengali Paresh Rawal, who runs a ‘ Prayogshala ’ — a centre for rehabilitation from all sorts of addiction and afflictions.

When he meets the Baba; he walks into an agreement he can’t walk out of. Proud and desperate, K throws caution to the wind and challenges the Baba’s diktats. However, he realizes that he can’t escape Baba no matter what he tries. Until of course the contract is complete.

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