Dil Dosti EtcCast: Imaad Shah, Shreyas Talpade, Nikita Anand; Director: Manish Tewary; Rating: **1/2

IF Chase was the inspiration for Sriram Raghavan in Johnny Gaddaar , then Satre could be the reason why debutant director Manish Tewary chose to focus on the existential moorings of his young hero, Apurv. His hero quotes Satre and reads Hanif Kureishi. And like Bong Connection , this is one more post-modern journey of Ray’s unforgettable hero Apu who seems to have left his village — and everything it symbolised — of Pather Panchali, far far away. If Anjan Dutt sent the newage Apu to America in The Bong Connection , then Manish Tewary places him in Delhi University, where our cosmopolitan bachcha (Imaad) meets his counterpart, mofussil man, Shreyas Talpade. The rest is essentially a cultural and emotional clash between two India’s: the rich and the restless upper class and the small town middle- class.

Hey, ain’t that the current flavour, what with Dhoni’s Daredevil’s and Chak De India ‘s balsy belles bringing the backwaters to the forefront. Well, apna Apurv who doesn’t believe in anything, follows nobody and looks up to no one, finds an alter ego in the committed student leader, Shreyas Talpade who comes from Bihar and talks about student empowerment. So that, while Apurv learns his lessons in the kothas at GB Road (he says there’s no difference between the classroom and the kotha ), Shreyas leads morchas and fights the student elections. Of course, he takes time out to romance the uber modern Nikita Anand, who dreams of becoming a super model and cries ‘Break Up Time’ when her boyfriend grows violent at the mere mention of the bikini round. No, seriously, the film is a serious search for goals and missions amongst our aimless rich kids and brings back memories of the 1970s when youth was an age of drift and rebellion; of Nirvana and Bob Dylan…

The film’s too slow and the scene’s are too repetitive and you do get the feeling things aren’t really going anywhere. But wait patiently, and the mood will catch up. You’ll soon join young Apurv in his search for meaning as he chases girl’s and looks for sexual nirvana in place of love. Watch out for Imaad Shah, he’s completely different from the run-of-the-mill heroes.

Source: TimesofIndia

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